Marine Grade Aluminum

According to their applications, aluminum alloys for ships can be divided into aluminum alloys for hull structure and outfitting aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloys used for hull structure are mainly 5083, 5086, and 5454 aluminum6000 alloys are mainly used for the upper structure of ships due to intergranular corrosion in seawater, outfitting aluminum alloys are mainly used for extruded profiles. 7000 alloys are more superior to 5000 alloys in terms of heat treatment, and their application prospects in shipbuilding are promising. Process performance than the 5000 series alloy is also superior. In the shipbuilding application prospects, it is broad and mainly used in the ship superstructure, such as extrusion structure, armor plate, etc. But the shortcomings of the 7000 series alloy are its poor resistance to stress corrosion, so it restricts the use of the alloy range.

Our Marine Grade Aluminum For Sale

Marine Aluminum alloy can be classified according to product categories, such as plates, profiles, tubes, rods, forgings and castings. Our company’s current aluminum alloy product categories are mainly aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum bar, aluminum profile.

The thickness of the plate used is determined by the hull structure, ship specifications, the use of parts, and so on. From the point of view of a lightweight hull, generally try to use a thin plate, but should also consider the depth of plate corrosion in the use of time.

The plates we usually use are thin plates of more than 1.6mm and thick plates of more than 30mm. In order to reduce welding, often use 2.0m wide aluminum plate, large ships use 2.5m wide aluminum plate, the length is generally 6m, but also according to the shipyard contract to use some special specifications of the plate. For non-slip, the deck can be patterned plate.

Types of Marine Grade Aluminum

Aluminum alloys for hull structure



Main Purpose



O, H14, H34

ship superstructure, auxiliary components, small boat hulls

Medium strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent formability, and high fatigue strength.


O, H32

Main hull structure

Typical aluminum alloy for welding, highest strength among non-heat-treated alloys, good weldability, corrosion resistance and low-temperature properties


H32, H34

Hull main structure (thin-walled, wide, extruded profiles)

Weldability and corrosion resistance are the same as 5083 aluminum, with slightly lower strength and improved extrudability.


H32, H34

Hull structures, pressure vessels, piping, etc.

It has 22% higher strength compared to 5052 aluminum, good corrosion resistance and weldability, and average formability.


O, H32, 1

Ship Hull and Deck

Similar to 5083 but is slightly stronger and has stress corrosion sensitivity


T4, T6

Hull superstructures, bulkhead structures, frames, etc.

A heat-treatable corrosion-resistant alloy with high strength, but with lower weld joint strength. It is primarily used for threaded and riveted structures that do not come into contact with seawater.

Marine outfitting aluminum alloy



Main Purpose


1050, 1200

H11, 2O, H12, H24

High surface treatability

3003, 3203

H11, 2O, H12

Ship’s interior, top and side panels of LPG tanks

It has 10% higher strength compared to 1100 aluminum, along with good formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance.

Marine Aluminum Alloy Application Table


Aluminum Grades

Product Types

Shipboards/Hull Bottoms


Aluminum Plate, Profile



Aluminum Plate

Ship’s Ribs/Frames Ribs


Aluminum Plate, Profile

Ribbed Plates/Bulkhead


Aluminum Plate

Pedestals of Engines


Aluminum Plate

Ship Decks


Aluminum Plate, Profile

Rudder House


Aluminum Plate, Profile

Ship Bulwark


Aluminum Plate, Profile



Aluminum Plate

Carrier plates and side plates of vessels


Aluminum Plate

Marine Porthole


Aluminum Profiles, Castings

Gangway ladder


Aluminum Profiles



Aluminum Tube, Rod, Profiles

Structural Material for Maritime Shipping Containers


Aluminum Profiles

Ship Engine and other marine components


Aluminum Castings

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