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Aluminum Coil

Aluminum coils are flat, coiled sheets of aluminum that are widely used in various industries for their versatility and excellent properties. These coils are produced through a process called continuous casting and rolling, where molten aluminum is poured onto a casting wheel and then rolled into thin, flat coils of desired thickness and width.

The Alloy Types Of Aluminum Coil

Aluminum coils can be manufactured using different types of aluminum alloys, such as pure aluminum (AA 1100, AA 1050, etc.) and aluminum alloy series (such as AA 3003, AA 5052, AA 6061, etc.). Each alloy has different characteristics and can be chosen based on specific requirements.

Surface Treatments:

Aluminum coil can undergo various surface treatments to provide additional protection and decorative effects. Common surface treatments include anodizing, electrophoretic coating, powder coating, etc., to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

Aluminum Coil Sizes and Specifications

It is customized in terms of size and specifications, including thickness, width, and inner coil diameter. Common thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 6mm, and width ranges from 200mm to 1600mm.

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