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Aluminum beams, also known as structural aluminum I-beams, are extruded aluminum products with rounded inner corners that provide enhanced strength, improved stress distribution, and reduced risk of stress concentrations.

  • Types: aluminum i beam, H and T beam
  • Extruded Aluminum Material: Aluminum beams are manufactured using the extrusion process
  • Rounded Inner Corners: help distribute stress more evenly and reduce the risk of stress concentrations. 
  • Main Aluminum Grade: 6061, 6082, 6060, 6463 Aluminum Alloy
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Aluminum Beams for Sale

Aluminum beams are large rectangular metal components used for horizontal support in construction projects. They are manufactured using aluminum alloys. As the preferred alternatives to steel and wood, aluminum beams offer the advantages of lightweight construction and easy installation. Compared to steel, which is strong but heavy, and wood, which is lightweight but fragile, aluminum beams are highly favored due to their light weight and convenient installation. We offer a variety of aluminum beam shapes that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Standard options include unequal or equal flange I-beams, commonly used non-rounded corner C-beams, H-beams, and T-beams.

  • Unequal or equal flange I-beam: This is the most common shape for aluminum beams, featuring two parallel top and bottom flanges connected by a vertical web. I-beams excel in providing support and lateral strength, making them suitable for various construction and structural applications.
  • C-beam: C-beams consist of a parallel top flange and a vertical web, resembling the shape of the letter “C.” C-beams are commonly used in a wide range of applications, particularly for lightweight structures and component connections.
  • H-beam: H-beams consist of two parallel top and bottom flanges connected by a central web, resembling the shape of the letter “H.” H-beams offer high strength and rigidity, making them ideal for structures that require heavy loads and large spans.
  • T-beam: T-beams consist of a parallel top flange and a perpendicular web, resembling the shape of the letter “T.” T-beams are commonly used in the construction of frames and support structures, providing good strength and stability.

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