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Aluminum angles are L-shaped metal profiles made from aluminum. They have two perpendicular legs that form a 90-degree angle. Aluminum angles are widely used in various applications, including:

  • Building Structures: building structures to reinforce and support frames, walls, and ceilings
  • Electronics: heat sinks, enclosures, and support structures, aiding in heat dissipation
  • Furniture Manufacturing:  shelves, display cabinets, and racks.
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Aluminum Angle Extrusion for Sale

We utilize high-quality 6061 and 6063 series aluminum alloys, along with other T6 tempered aluminum alloys, as the raw materials for our extruded aluminum angles. These aluminum alloys possess excellent strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring the reliability and long lifespan of our products in various environmental conditions. Our standard extruded aluminum angles exhibit the following professional features:

  • Geometry: Our extruded aluminum angles have precise dimensions and geometric shapes, including sharp right angles and smooth surfaces. These characteristics enhance compatibility and precision during structural assembly and installation processes.

  • Strength and Stability: Despite their lightweight nature, our extruded aluminum angles possess outstanding strength and stability due to their specialized extrusion process. They can withstand significant structural loads and demonstrate excellent performance in various applications.

  • Ease of Processing and Installation: Aluminum angles are easy to cut, drill, weld, and assemble. This processability allows for adaptation to various design requirements and facilitates on-site processing and installation.

  • Manufacturing Process: We employ advanced extrusion techniques and precision manufacturing equipment to ensure consistency and quality in our extruded aluminum angles. We strictly control the production process, including alloy composition, extrusion temperature, and pressure, to guarantee high-quality performance of our products.

  • Versatile Applications: Extruded aluminum angles find wide applications in the fields of construction, manufacturing, electronics, decoration, and interior design. Whether used for constructing frames, brackets, partitions, or other structural components, aluminum angles demonstrate stability, reliability, and versatility.

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