Aluminum Alloy


Marine Grade Aluminum

Marine Aluminum Alloy Features: Wide and long dimensions, corrosion resistance, low elastic modulus, easy weldability, easy formability, no low-temperature brittleness, non-magnetic.

5052 series aluminum

Moderate strength, good anti-corrosion and formability, relatively high fatigue strength.

5083 series aluminum

Typical welding alloy, with the highest strength among non-heat treated alloys good weldability and anti-corrosion and low temperature performance

5083 aluminum coil

Thickness and size: 5083 Aluminum Coil can be customized according to needs.

Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Features: High strength, high toughness, high corrosion resistance, high damage tolerance, low residual stress.

2024 Aluminum Alloy

2024 aluminum alloy has medium plasticity in quenched and freshly quenched states and good spot welding.

2024 Aluminum Rod

Thickness and size: 2024 Aluminum Aound Bar can be customized according to needs

7075 Aluminum Plate

It finds extensive use in various parts of an aircraft, including upper and lower wing panels, stringers, and more.

Automotive Grade Aluminum

Automotive Aluminum Alloy Features: Large-scale, high-dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, easy welding, easy formability, no low-temperature brittleness, recyclable.

5083 Aluminum Coil

It can be easily shaped, bent, and formed into various complex designs, allowing for the creation of intricate automotive parts and components.

5083 Aluminum Sheet

5083 Aluminum is commonly utilized in the construction of automotive components and general structural components.

5454 Aluminum Alloy

The lightweight nature of the 5454 aluminum alloy contributes to improved fuel efficiency, reducing energy consumption and emissions.

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