What is aircraft grade aluminum

Aerospace and airceaft grade aluminum refers to a specific category of aluminum alloys that are specifically designed and manufactured for use in the aerospace industry. These alloys exhibit exceptional properties that make them suitable for demanding aerospace applications, including aircraft and spacecraft structures. Aerospace-grade aluminum alloys are characterized by their excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance.

Two of the most commonly used aerospace-grade aluminum alloys are 2024 aluminum, 6061 and 7075 aluminum .

Our Aerospace Grade Aluminum For Sale

Aluminum Land is proud to offer a wide range of aerospace aluminum products and processing capabilities. We provide alloys in the form of aluminum plates, coils, strips, profiles, and rods. Our offerings include alloys from the 2000, 6000, and 7000 series of aluminum.

We excel in various stages of aluminum processing, starting from casting and hot rolling to subsequent precision machining. Our services encompass refining, solid solution aging treatment, pre-stretching, non-destructive testing, and precise dimensional customization.

Types of Aircraft Grade Aluminum


2024, 2219, 2A11, 2A12, 5A05, 5083, 5A06, 7075, 7050, 7055, 7085 and so on


O,T4, T6, T651, T73, T74, T7651, T851, T7751 and so on

Specifications scope

Can be customized. Please contact our sales staff for product details


The coverings, bulkhead, long beam, and honing strips of aircraft, as well as structural parts, fuel tank, and more

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